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With more information readily available through a spectrum of online tools, the patients’ decision process has changed significantly.

Together we will identify gaps that need to be addressed in different regions and with combined experience identify how this can be turned into business opportunities.

How will this change affect Medical Travel in the GCC?

What will the healthcare industry look like in 2030?

Medical tourism allows for greater transparency of price, quality and lower cost to those employers who self-fund their health insurance offerings.

Companies of all sizes that choose to self-fund can stay ahead of the curve by presenting those who craft benefit design plans a way to achieve employee retention goals, but with far more financial control and flexibility.

In this session, you will learn: • What is self-funding • How U. self-funded employers can benefit from medical travel • What to look for in a medical travel destination • How to implement a medical travel benefit Moderator: Jonathan Edelheit, CEO, Medical Tourism Association Speakers: Technology’s is changing nearly every industry, and medical travel is no exception.

This session will show you how technology can transform and improve the patient experience and increase revenue and patient conversions Speaker: Anuja Agrawal, CEO, Health Flights Solutions The biggest opportunities in medical travel come from large volume patient referrals.The Medical Tourism Industry has changed and advanced significantly in the past 10 years. Edelheit will examine how and why it has evolved and how the industry will continue to grow including: • How the medical tourism buyer has changed and evolved and where will that evolution continue to lead • How technology will disrupt medical tourism • Understanding the continually changing competitive landscape from the hospital perspective.• A glance into the future of the looking glass of Medical Tourism 3.0 Jonathan Edelheit, CEO, Medical Tourism Association As increasing numbers of patients seek offshore options for medical care, more and more hospitals around the globe are jumping on the medical travel wagon to tap into this lucrative market.Dheeraj Bojwani, CEO, Forerunners Healthcare Speaker: To many, the U. healthcare system in its current state is underperforming, expensive and wasteful.Healthcare costs continue to rise, making it increasingly difficult for employers to keep health insurance premiums from financially squeezing their business, while also providing a robust benefits package for employees.Those with means often travel abroad for medical care – with hospitals in India being one of the chief beneficiaries of this trend.