Thermoluminescent dating and the monsters of acambaro

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Thermoluminescent dating and the monsters of acambaro

He also asserted that the family which had originally provided the figurines to Julsrud had been making them for a peso per item.Furthermore, the figurines resembled creatures and characters that the family may have seen in films at an Acámbaro cinema or from reading comic books available at a museum in a larger city nearby.

However, none of these points of view matter much until you first examine the questions about the collection’s authenticity.

It seems that if they were common enough for thousands of figures to be produced depicting them, the giant beasts would also show up more often in local traditions - just like jaguars and butterflies do.

One website in favor of their authenticity states that there is no recent native pottery tradition in the area.

These findings cast doubt on the authenticity of the artifacts.

Thermoluminescence dating was also used on some figurines between 19.

The Acámbaro Figures are a collection of small ceramic figurines allegedly found in Acámbaro, Guanajuato, Mexico.

They were discovered by Waldemar Julsrud in July of 1944.The analysis produced a date of about 4500 years B. (Before Present) placing the age of the artifacts around 2500 BC.Believers proclaimed this information as evidence for their authenticity.On the other hand, if this claim is accurate, the figurines need not have been produced in the area either - even if they are just an elaborate hoax.In 1952, American archaeologist Charles Di Peso examined the artifacts and found that their surfaces showed no signs of weathering or collecting dirt in the cracks (that would have suggested that they were thousands of years old.) He used these observations to conclude that the figurines were not ancient.According to accounts, Julsrud stumbled upon the artifacts while riding his horse in the Acámbaro area.

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