Thierry henry dating a model

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Thierry henry dating a model - Denty xxx

The couple, who married in a lavish ceremony at Highclere Castle, Berkshire, in July 2003, have a two-year-old daughter Tea.French international Henry, 29, had been dating the English model for two years at the time of their marriage.

The stunning 19-year-old model posted a picture to Instagram of the pair at the gig.Thierry's rise is remarkable, and credit once again goes to Arsene Wenger.Henry arrived from Juventus as a failed left winger with a reputation for not quite being able to cut it in the top league.One hundred goals already for Thierry Henry, and it seems as though he has just arrived at Arsenal.I was genuinely surprised when I heard he was nearing the landmark, but there was an inevitability about it once he settled in as Arsenal's No 1 hitman.These days, you almost expect him to get a couple of goals in most games.

I believe he is on the way to becoming one of the greatest all-time players for Arsenal, not just a goal-scorer.One area of weakness for Thierry is scoring with his head.It is a mystery that he does not score more in the air because he has a great leap.Hence his penchant, at times, for missing the easiest of tap-ins.In pre-season training, where the runs are designed by the manager to get the players to a certain level of fitness, and are incredibly tough, he is way ahead of the others, standing at the cones waiting for the rest to catch up.He is anxious to move on with his life and maintain the best possible relationship he can with Claire for the benefit of their daughter Téa, whom he loves very much."Thierry would like to stress that contrary to reports in the press, his move to Barcelona was entirely for footballing reasons."We would ask the media to kindly respect the privacy of both parties at this difficult time."It added Henry would make no further comment.