Tips on dating a professional athlete

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And while there’s no reason we couldn’t invite those same people over to our place just as often as before, I can see how a vegan dinner would be unappealing to less adventurous eaters, and as a result I think I extend the invitation a little less often than before (note to self: I need to work on this). You will be pleasantly surprised at who your biggest supporters are. I’ve never had a strong desire to “cheat” for pleasure.

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Many vegans find their identity in being preachy, which is cool, but it’s not for me. No matter how much you try to not make it a big deal, it’s gonna be a big deal.

People notice, even when your approach to influence is of the “quiet” form. There’s a stereotype that vegans are skinny and weak.

And it’s a deserved one, because so many vegans have always been exactly that.

But just about every family or friendly gathering yields a joke from someone who must think they’re the first to make it. If you do the math, there’s no reason eating vegetarian or vegan should be more expensive than eating meat.

At three, five, or eight dollars a pound, meat is one of the more expensive items you’ll buy in the grocery store.

Thanks to the connections technology affords us, there is a huge and supportive community that will make you feel ecstatic about your choices, whatever they are.

You only have to look for these people — and sometimes, you don’t even have to do that.And yet, even with such a relaxed attitude and an avoidance of anything that could be considered pushy, I’d estimate that after we went vegan, we started eating dinners with family and friends about half as much as before, maybe even less.Being vegan is a big deal, whether you make it that way or not.Some people will think you’re judging them and won’t dare try to prepare a meal for you, even if only because they’re afraid they’ll do a poor job of it.Others just don’t want to make the effort, and that’s totally understandable.I’m sure you’ve heard the adage by now: “Pay for it now, or pay for it later.” The money we spend on the healthiest food possible is an investment in our future health that will pay off down the road. (I realize I’m in the minority when I say this; most vegan chefs I’ve talked to didn’t discover their passion for food they went vegan.) Here’s what happened: First, vegan food took a little more work to prepare.