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Trep7 yahoo chat - belinda stronach and peter mackay dating

She is her own unique person and when she decides she wants to pose for Playboy I will be behind her. Uzo has the most beautiful body I have ever seen but she does not need to get nude for us to see it. Moreover, I think everybody here is actually patronizing u and not saying the real deal, or asking the real questions, so my question is, are u free for an interview? I will be at the store tomorrow and I am soooooooo excited to see it!Look at how graceful she dresses but at the same time sensual and sort of still shows what a fabulous body she has. I'm sick of you men wanting us women to take it all off. Uzo, I can't wait for your album to come out; i will be the 1st in line to buy it. [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] WTF UZO -- Prej, 01/23/03 Thu Ha, Uzo. Besides, when did u get married, to whom and why did I not hear about it? [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Looks like you are doing well...

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God loves you and you are a very wonderful person from the look of things. well check out our site and let me know what you think and if i may use a picture. Please email me either way as I have been procrastinating this message as I figured you receive thousands of these mails.

I must commend your effort of putting your buiding sites on the internet it would gear up those who have completely forgotten their hometown. on the link and email me- you take care and stay blessed. With great love and respect, Lisa Morgan [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Hi -- Steve, 10/28/02 Mon Hi Uzo, I watched you on Howards show and I just finished browsing your web site.

You probably do since you still have a sister back home who will probably be going to church. I have a website and was wondering if i can use a picture of you for it. I am from Parkland, Florida, just south of Palm Beach and would love the oppotunity to meet you and have a cocktail and?

I am just inviting you to come a little closer to God! It would be good if you could be using Jesus or God's name not only in Exclaimation but when you truly believe in them. Your sister, Taiwo [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] POD -- Kathy, 10/28/02 Mon I was looking for the POD room on aol. Myself and 3 other promote for clubs, parties, and I also DJ. I would like to know if you would be interested in getting together sometime.

There must be a better way to answer whatever question was asked of you than to use that term. Women who sound like they "know it all" are sometimes referred to as bitches, but what the hell, sometimes we need/have to be like that to make ourselves heard! I am doing great on my side, more on thetechnology side of things. leader=aninye nd keep in touch, if your schedule permits.

When you were on Stern it sounded like you were down on white people. Steve [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] You are hot and you know it! [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] why do you live this extravagant life ?

Never worked again in my life,take care of my old parents.

I do private unpaid research on abortion on the internet,find out WHO is who in this gruesome evil business.

What I mean to say girl,you are wild and beautiful,sensual and attractive but your life is wrong because you live in an ivory tower of luxury,and if you are against abortion, God bless you for that,you should know that your lifestyle essentially does not satisfy you and that therefore you always need more and more to get the kick. Even if you are generous,say Madame Marcos from the Philippines,that witch you remember her with her 3000 shoes ,what does it matter if your are "generous" if your own life is unacceptable.

But you are caught in this,you LIVE off this decadence and you will call it success,but it is slavery to the industry of DECADENCE.

[ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] [ Re: The Uzo Interview -- Truth Hurts, 02/10/03 Mon Actually, semi-nude pics of Uzo are available all over the internet, and I'm sure if u search hard enough you will find complete nude pics. Congrats with ur boutique, don't forget I'm into modelling. I want to thank you for constantly updating us on how you are doing, even if it is just through photographs. You'd be absolutely perfect if you would just switch political parties (sigh). -- sherry, 11/15/02 Fri is that my best friend???? sherry [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Good on your sisters -- Taiwo, 11/07/02 Thu Dear Uzo, My name is Taiwo all the way from Downunder. Kathy [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies:[ Re: POD -- Jamie, 11/07/02 Thu I too would like to know when you are in the POD chatroom. [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] YOU -- MAN OF STEEL, 10/28/02 Mon UZO BABY! -STALIN [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] When will you be on Howard Stern again? [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Hello princess -- DJ, 10/28/02 Mon Hello- how are you??