Updating drivers in thinkpad

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Updating drivers in thinkpad - azubi speed dating kln 2016

Other tools can be used to update firmware, but they are not in the scope of this guide.

Most of these tools include an easy-to-use graphical user interface to perform updates interactively, as well as utilities that provide methods to acquire and apply updates in complex scenarios.It can write the image directly to a DVD or USB drive that you can carry to the target server and boot.Alternatively, if you are working remotely from the target server, the ISO image that it creates can be remotely mounted to the management controller as a virtual DVD, if the function is available on your server.Firmware is essential to the operation of a server.It controls every single hardware component found in the server; from the onboard chipset, to the built-in modules, to the add-on adapters and drives, and all the way to the entire system, including the self-contained management controller.However, device drivers that are shipped in the official OS release might be out of date or might not support the complete set of features and functions advertised by Lenovo.

Therefore, the drivers need to be refreshed at the same time as the firmware.This guide introduces the tools provided with Lenovo Think System servers and is especially useful if you are managing a few servers interactively and have no operational constraints, such as Internet access.The reader should have basic skills such as booting the server from a specific device, setting up the management controller for remote control access, running a graphical program as a privileged user in Windows or Linux, and running a command line utility with parameters.This includes system firmware, all adapter and hard-drive firmware, and the corresponding device drivers in the operating system.Tip: Install all the hardware components (modules, adapters, and drives) and power on the system at least once before updating the entire system, so that everything will be activated, detected, and updated together.They also provide a complete set of utilities to meet more complex scenarios to acquire and apply updates.

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