Updating how water boiler system

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Updating how water boiler system - yarmouth dating

TV room, dining room, and one or two more for the guest rooms and other areas of the convent that we just do not occupy much at all. Control was changed from cold start to a maintaining control that is why the pump is cycling on & off on a call for heat. Over sized boilers cause higher fuel bills due to short cycling. Zoning alone will cause more short cycling and possible higher fuel bills 8.

I should add that these big pipes are not insulated.The cooler radiators were the ones located at the end of the current mono-flow loops.) Second, recognizing I would need the oxygen barrier PEX due to the ferrous components, what size is needed for these runs?I assume 1" from the boiler to make the main loop (or to some manifolds), and 1/2" from the loop or manifolds to the radiators themselves attached with 1" threaded adopters?(My gut feeling and physical inspection/research say yes- going from 1&1/4" supply from the boiler (which has the assist from the Taco Circulator) and then to 4" pipe has GOT to be slowing the flow down, making it hard to get the heat efficiently to the radiators.We noticed last winter that some radiators were not getting enough heat while others were indeed hot.This is our first house with hydronic heat, and while we love the quality of the heat, we did not like the 0 bill each month last winter.

I had a journeyman plumber I ski with take a look and he indicated that he thought the supply pipes are likely the problem, and suggested that these be removed, recycled and replaced with pex and some zone control valves to improve efficiency.There is one aspect of the larger pipes that could be an issue. The monoflow tees divert water from the main loop to each radiator.If the pipe between the two tees is excessively large (and anything like 4" would be excessive), there could be inadequate differential pressure to supply the radiator.The convent is NOT a candidate for radiant floor heating because we have all maple tounge and groove floors.Let me explain the current state of the heating system as my wife and I bought it: Boiler: Burnham Series 2 Gas Boiler, model P208BWNSB, installed in year 2000 by previous owner, input 232,000 BTU's per hour, output is 166,000 BTU's per hour, max H20 temp is 250 degrees, max H20 pressure is 30psi.Current Radiator Supply Pipes: The 1&1/4" copper pipes from the boiler were spliced into the mono flow loop via various fittings, and we go from a 1&1/4" on the supply to a 4" huge steel pipe which gradually decreases to 3" then to 2&1/2" then to 2" then to 1".

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