Updating i tunes

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Let us know in the comments below, and share your tricks and troubleshooting techniques for Mac OS X and Windows!Welcome to Al Kooper's Website where we hope you find your way to all things Al.

If you happen to be using a USB dock, skip the USB dock and try connecting the USB cable directly to the computer as well.I will say that the upcoming “cloud” deals, will place most songwriters in a comparatively dangerous situation. They usually don’t play gigs or make records, especially gold & platinum ones.Popular artists survive by playing gigs – most songwriters can’t survive that way.This can help rule out if the problem is with the original computer, or if it’s a problem with the i OS device itself.If it’s connected to another computer and still won’t be recognized, there could be a problem with the physical connector port on the i OS device itself, or some other hardware related issue, and you’ll probably want to call Apple to sort it out.Among some of the goodies onboard are Al's personal Top 100, diaries from various road trips, Al's guide through his various solo albums, rare photos, up-to-date live concert info, a biography, and lots more stuff on the way.

With the exception of the "Landlord" soundtrack album, all of Al's albums are in print on CD!

We are constantly upgrading and tweaking, so visit often and you'll always find a little surprise here or there.

Feel free to sign our guest book and help create a cyber-mailing-list.

There’s more to try including reinstalling i Tunes, and for Windows users on PC to update the i Phone device driver – keep reading to learn how!

If the i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod is still not recognized by i Tunes, the next thing you should do is delete i Tunes and reinstall it with a fresh version from Apple.

Lately, artists have been complaining they want part of the songwriter share from these situations.

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