Updating older bathroom in maine

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If I were going to change furniture, I may choose a shabby chic style that would look good in a lakeside home. He had to find one that was thin enough to get between the nails and the other part of the handle.it didn’t work. Fall must signal to us that the holidays are coming, and we have to be ready for company! We, too, have a bedroom set we’ve had forever, but just can’t buy a brand new one right now (son in college, too! I’ve contemplated painting the set (husband not excited about that idea), but I’ve hesitated. A fabric headboard would certainly update a bedroom. The bed in our master bedroom was my wedding gift from my husband (and quite a surprise at that.) Thank you for reading the post and commenting.Right now I’m changing out my dinning room dark furniture for a lighter wood with smaller hutch and serving buffett so there is more room for holiday meals. So I used my fingernails to pull up on the big brass part while he carefully wedged the tool underneath to carefully pry it off. I did break down and buy a pretty fabric headboard from Ballard, but maybe changing the hardware will help. 🙂 Kelly Echoing all the positive comments, love the results from such small changes.

~Delores ——————————————————————— You are so right about the bedroom getting decorated last.

And, so agree on what you said about wanting “mature” furniture earlier in life and how things have changed along the way. We are still using the suit that was in my husbands bedroom at his parent’s house. Since it is still, technically, theirs I can’t even change the hardware.

Like you, with 3 in college, my decor chances will have to wait a little longer. Hummm…which room will be first ———————————————————————– It’s amazing how a little paint and new hardware can make such a difference, especially a coat of black paint.

This time it has made its way into our master bedroom.

There are several projects that we are working on around here that are big budget items (along with paying for daughter’s college expenses), so changing out furniture in our bedroom just wasn’t even something to consider, but I was tired of the Queen Anne styling of some of the pieces in there…particularly this dresser and its attached mirror. So…summer I decided that if I replaced the mirror with a more simply designed one, I could live with it.

Do you think that by cuting the scrolls off the bottom that this would update my furniture, plus add the new hardware? ————————————————————————– Judy, the wood on our furniture is cherry.

I think your idea of having the scrolls removed sounds like a good one if they can do it. I’m amazed how much difference the subtle changes made.

(We’ve lived with this one well over ten years – a record for me. I like the look much better, and it doesn’t feel so dated to me now.

:)) I would like a golden yellow print in the drapes and linens, and I really like the look of stained wood with that. Instead, I updated it by changing out the hardware. And of course, if the dresser got new hardware, the highboy needed it too.

I shopped and shopped and finally found one at Garden Ridge.

It wasn’t beautiful, but the frame style was a good shape, and the price was not bad at all.

Something about fall that has us nesting and getting ready for cooler weather and the comfort of our homes! I actually still use what had been my parents’ dining room and bedroom sets: maple and very colonial looking.