Updating public folder takes 90 cpu

31-Dec-2016 04:05 by 6 Comments

Updating public folder takes 90 cpu - Freeview cams xxx

Once it does it at least once the next "moves" to another monitor are faster. In general anyway everything feels more "sluggish" with B8 & B8T1 compared to B7.Already went back to it after taking the log :-[Quote: Ok, interesting!

If you could also let me know what apps you have running on startup, I can try testing them out here. That was not it unfortunately, the cause seems to be something else.As per title, I updated to beta 8 and right after I did the pc became sluggish.After a restart it was still like that and taking a look at the processes I saw that DF was using constantly 90% of the CPU.I was able to reproduce this issue here finally, by creating a folder on the desktop that contained a metric ton of files and sub-folders.We've got it all fixed up in this build: Fusion/Display Fusion Setup-7.0.0-Beta8-Test5I tried to manually close and start up all the programs and the CPU always spiked up to 90% for ~1 minute and then went back down after I waited.

The log I attached above was taken right after I started DF while all the apps were already running and I was able to reproduce the issue consistently this way.

Initially on windows restart it started using the "usual" 90% CPU but after a few minutes it went back down properly, however, once I tried to open the DF settings window the CPU usage spiked up again.

Then it did the same when I open for the first time a program, for example let's say I open up Notepad and move it to the second monitor, it takes several seconds for DF to move the taskbar entry for it in the second monitor as well.

Total folders size is ~20 GB and there are also some big 1-2 GB ISO files.

I've had those shortcuts, apps and folders in there for a long time now and I haven't changed anything recently.

I didn't clear the log before I opened it up so it'll have the previous session at the top.

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