Updating the b 52

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Updating the b 52 - single dating events vancouver

These records shall be kept complete and made available to the Government during contract performance and for as long afterwards as the contract requires.

(d) If the Government performs inspection or test on the premises of the Contractor or a subcontractor, the Contractor shall furnish, and shall require subcontractors to furnish, at no increase in contract price, all reasonable facilities and assistance for the safe and convenient performance of these duties.These reviews and evaluations shall be conducted in a manner that will not unduly delay the contract work.The right of review, whether exercised or not, does not relieve the Contractor of the obligations under the contract.(c) The Government has the right to inspect and test all supplies called for by the contract, to the extent practicable, at all places and times, including the period of manufacture, and in any event before acceptance.The Government shall perform inspections and tests in a manner that will not unduly delay the work.Except as otherwise provided in the contract, the Government shall bear the expense of Government inspections or tests made at other than the Contractor’s or subcontractor’s premises; provided, that in case of rejection, the Government shall not be liable for any reduction in the value of inspection or test samples.

(e)(1) When supplies are not ready at the time specified by the Contractor for inspection or test, the Contracting Officer may charge to the Contractor the additional cost of inspection or test.(j) The Government shall accept or reject supplies as promptly as practicable after delivery, unless otherwise provided in the contract.Government failure to inspect and accept or reject the supplies shall not relieve the Contractor from responsibility, nor impose liability on the Government, for nonconforming supplies.The Contractor shall not tender for acceptance corrected or rejected supplies without disclosing the former rejection or requirement for correction, and, when required, shall disclose the corrective action taken.(h) If the Contractor fails to promptly remove, replace, or correct rejected supplies that are required to be removed or to be replaced or corrected, the Government may either (1) by contract or otherwise, remove, replace, or correct the supplies and charge the cost to the Contractor or (2) terminate the contract for default.Unless the Contractor corrects or replaces the supplies within the delivery schedule, the Contracting Officer may require their delivery and make an equitable price reduction.

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