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Older versions may be downloaded from Media Fire (install instructions below for each platform).It's interesting to note that other plugins (such as JDT, CDT, etc.) may be installed regularly in Li Clipse using the provided update site for such plugins.

It's possible to verify the SHA256 of the downloaded file in: Li Clipse 4.3.1 files SHA256.When it’s time to leave, slip these fold-flat headphones into the slim travel sleeve.Welcome to Even Balance, Inc., home of Punk Buster™, the original anti-cheat system.Note that if you have some of the bundled plugins in Eclipse (i.e.: Py Dev, Any Edit, Color Theme, Start Explorer, Egit) you may have to uninstall it before installing Li Clipse.From Existing Installation and import the plugins you want to keep from your previous install.After the install is complete, just make sure you point to the same workspace you used previously so that other configurations are kept. Update the current installation with an update site that's more recent following the update site instructions.

Note that due to a bug, updating Mac OS won't work properly for Li Clipse versions lower than 4.0 (so, on Mac OS, if upgrading an install with version 3.x or before, option 1 must be used).

Wander up to 330 feet* away from your paired phone or tablet thanks to Class 1 Bluetooth 4.0 technology, controlling your experience using easy-to-find on-ear buttons and familiar-feeling dials.

Listen to a movie on your tablet and quickly answer a call without removing your headphones or reaching for your phone.

The installed Eclipse MUST be running with a Java 8 VM, otherwise Li Clipse may not show as being installed or you'll have errors such as:

Unsupported Class Version Error: Some Class : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 at Class Loader.define Class Cond(Unknown Source) -- Note that the native Li Clipse installers ship by default with a VM, so, the installed java version shouldn't be a concern.

To use the update site, download the UPDATE from Media Fire, extract it in a folder, or use the URL: then, on Eclipse (or a previously downloaded Li Clipse) go to: Help Install New Software and on the dialog add the folder where you extracted the update site contents, select all the items and follow the wizard (note: you may want uncheck "group items by category" if you want to get the Li Clipse RCP application too)..