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It expanded upon both the earnestness of ain’t shit ballads like “You Make Me Wanna” and the upbeat swag of bops like “My Way.” 8701 is the soundtrack of a man growing into (multiple parts of) himself and his career.

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I would belt along to Songs in A Minor when no one was around and I fancied myself — and my dusty braids — as fly as Ms. I would dance around the house to “U Got It Bad,” twirling slowly as I imagined myself one day pining so hard after a man that I would “hang up and call right back” (ed. I memorized the choreography of the “U Remind Me” video after endless MTV2 loops, letting my shy girl moves take center stage when no one was around to see.

outside a Hollywood club, and made sure to follow her lead when the relationship questions started.

It's an odd question since Nick just told us he sucks at being married, but check out their response.

With a great assist from Diplo, Usher made R&B music work for his range and emotions, as opposed to having genre tropes lead the conversation.

Fans and critics pleading for "real R&B" from Usher—or, in other words, his old 'ish to help feed the nostalgia beast—tucked it in when “Climax” came out.

As reported, the R&B superstar has embraced the festivities – dressing up as Read More A .5 million defamation lawsuit against Grammy-winning singer Frank Ocean, brought on by his own father, Calvin Cooksey, has been tossed.

Nick and the TLC singer looked very cozy as they left Warwick nightclub and hopped in their ride -- but of course someone had to ask if there's any talk of marriage.

Gone were the days of only being allowed to listen to Radio Disney. To my 10-year-old ears, Usher’s 8701 was verified grown ’n’ sexy music.

That year, my cousins had snuck me two CDs that signaled ya girl was growing up. 8701 was the album I probably shouldn’t have been listening to.

While Usher may be embroiled in a muddy mess of late, he’s historically accustomed to winning.

And it appears he’s done exactly with Halloween 2017.

He may have felt like a little brother trying on grown-folk music for size, but it worked.