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Usher dating history - cyrus dating an older

Today’s Alcoa is built on a foundation of operating excellence dating back nearly 130 years to the world-changing discovery that made aluminum an affordable and vital part of modern life.

Héroult of France, and it comes to be known as the Hall-Héroult Process.

Alcoa increases efficiency of public works projects Following the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, Congress authorizes the construction of thousands of miles of levees in the Lower Mississippi Valley in one of the largest public works projects in the nation's history.

The project proceeds faster and more efficiently thanks to a key innovation: Alcoa aluminum replacing steel in the booms of giant draglines used to move earth for levee construction.

Hunt) for his aluminum reduction (electrolysis) discovery.

The company is first incorporated as The Pittsburgh Reduction Company and opens a pilot production facility on Smallman Street.

Aluminum makes automobiles lighter and faster New Alcoa alloys make aluminum a strong, machinable substitute for heavier metals in automotive design.

This breakthrough leads to growth in fabricating lightweight aluminum bodies, drivetrain and engine castings, and other parts for automobiles at New Kensington.

The company helps usher in the Golden Age of Television, sponsoring Edward R.

Murrow’s historic See It Now CBS news program for about ,000 per week.

World War II Alcoa’s aluminum becomes critically important to the U. Key to the war effort are alloys specially formulated to be forged into ultra-strong propeller blades, engine parts and structural components for aircraft and military vehicles.

In a post-war boom of consumer spending growth and mass media, Alcoa seeks to become a household name.

A company, a name, a town in Tennessee Looking to expand, the Aluminum Company of America buys 700 acres of land in North Maryville, Tennessee and begins to develop a company town and a smelting complex running on hydroelectricity from the nearby Little Tennessee River.

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