Validating data migration

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Oracle TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE column contains the time zone information.My SQL does not have any datetime data type that can store the time zone, so TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE is migrated to My SQL DATETIME data type and all values automatically converted to the UTC time zone.

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The most reliable way to validate the data migration is to compare data in each column and row.

If migrating from Elexio Deluxe to Elexio Community, explore information using the interactive index below.

If migrating from another system, click here for details on the process and what can be migrated. Migration Overview Scope - WHAT IS INCLUDED and what is not Process Overview Detailed 3 Step Process - Includes what is kept vs.

This data migration does not remove or delete data from Elexio Deluxe.

The two systems independently store data in a similar way.

If they need to be adjusted, other Data Migration runs can be initiated.

Each run will wipe out all the non-configuration data and re-migrate it with the new export and import mapping.You can avoid bringing in “bad data.” Back to Top The first run of data migration from Elexio Deluxe into Elexio Community is called Initial Data Migration (IDM).An initial migration is performed by you and moves your data from Elexio Deluxe to Elexio Community.Elexio Migration is one component of your implementation process.Project and change management are required to effectively engage your people, develop new processes and configure new technology.purged with each migration run Migration Choices Data Mapping Chart - DETAILED LIST of what is included Additional Details Streamlining - How to Delete Inactive Records Step By Step Instructions for Running Your Data Migration Data Migration of Online Givers Elexio Migration is a service that moves information between Elexio software products.