Vampire dating service book

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Vampire dating service book

Dating the Undead definitely brings us something new - it's vampires for the Tinder generation, in a world where we know vampires exists and if the mood takes us, we can even hook up with one through dating website Appropriately named Silver Harris, experiences her first kiss (and first bite) on New Year's Eve with a mysterious Irish vamp and decides that V-Dating might just be the thing for her and who can blame her, because I think most women would definitely swipe right for male MC Logan Byrne!

Not so boring that I couldn't finish reading but the storyline just seemed to be stuck (and predictable) I will read the second book though, so not too bad.

When she is not writing, Juliet enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Visit: Vampires in fiction have been given short-shrift in the post-Twilight years and perhaps in some cases, rightly so, but vampire PNR is still a favourite genre of mine, if the authors can do something slightly different and not wander down the path of well-trodden tropes.

I read this because I had heard it was like the queen betsy series, I LOVE the queen betsy series and this is SO not even close.

I may read the next book to see if the story improves any as it goes on but probably not.

The Vampire Dating Dot Com Diaries is that story of discovery and eternal love that would not be denied.

It took a lot longer than it should have for me to read this book.

This is a fun mystery, romance, and oh yeah, vampire book.

I like that the main character is a female vampire - it seems like so many vampire romances focus on the guys being the big scary monsters.

Although they lived for hundreds of years on their estate in the Carpathians of Romania, the pair had a fatal flaw that extinguished their eternal flames.

In post-modern America, two writers, by the gift of Halloween and a dot com dating service, discovered the past lives and each other.

Not that Lil is a big scary monster by a long shot.

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