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And the studio would be wise to keep Taylor-Johnson and screenwriter Kelly Marcel (Saving Mr Banks, another story of male-female control) on board, as they have clearly beefed up James' novel with a strong dose of wry humour, bringing out the deeper themes rather than focussing on the under-developed plot and characters.Continue reading: Fifty Shades Of Grey Review When reserved college girl Anastasia Steele meets mysterious businessman Christian Grey for an interview, she ends up feeling rather foolish, fearing that she's messed up the opportunity. Grey doesn't see it that way however; on the contrary, he develops a strong romantic fixation with her.

Nonetheless, he is an enigmatic presence in her life that she cannot hope to resist, and she soon finds herself treading deeper and deeper into this man's life.

Continue: Fifty Shades Of Grey - Clips And Extended Trailer Victor Rasuk - Celebrities attend Entertainment Weekly's Celebration honoring the 2015 SAG Awards nominees - Red Carpet at The Chateau Marmont.

at The Chateau Marmont - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 22nd January 2015Sometimes, a single favour to a friend can end up changing you entirely.

Their first meeting doesn't go as well as planned and subsequently she is shocked when it appears that he has a seemingly romantic interest in her.

He's not the sort to go out on drunken nights or make any of the usual romantic gestures, but Anastasia remains captivated by the intense sense of mystery surrounding him.

When a series of other calamities, such as a devastating tidal wave, hits New York City, it becomes almost impossible to hide the fact that there's a giant reptilian creature hellbent on destruction heading towards the city; a monster later dubbed Godzilla.

The US military set out on a mission to save the world along with a surge of new recruits, but their chances of surviving at the hands of this merciless beast are looking horrifically minimal.

Ana's awkwardly confident approach immediately gets under his skin, and he pursues her as if she's a corporate acquisition, complete with non-disclosure agreements and a contract that would make her submissive to his dominant.

But she isn't so sure about all of this, and as she falls for him, she begins to make him break his own rules.

But is she curious enough to sign away her body to a stranger?

Continue: Fifty Shades Of Grey - Extended Trailer Anastasia Steele is a shy college student who is forced to interview an enigmatic entrepreneur named Christian Grey.

Continue: Fifty Shades Of Grey - Fairy Tale TV Spot Trailer Budding journalist and college student Anastasia Steele has never been the adventurous type in any respect, so when she is faced with the prospect of interviewing the handsome and frighteningly mysterious young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she is more than a little nervous.

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