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\\\\ "What is clear, however, is that the wind of change is blowing.

"Many people have come and told us to do something right away if we don't want to have to deal with more evil dens later on." A student said Vietnam's Internet control efforts seem more political than moral.[Source: United Press International - August 17, 2005] Reuters reported: Vietnam has repeatedly drawn fire for the harsh treatment and lengthy jail terms it has given to bloggers who criticized its one-party regime.The Internet is worrisome to the government because controversial topics can be discussed openly such as criticism of government and calls for democracy and messages from ant-Communist Vietnamese in Orange County, California can easily be disseminated.Andrew Lam wrote in New American Media: Internet access went from 200,000 users in 2000 to 30,802,000 users in 2012.Altogether, Reporters Without Borders documented seven cases of dissidents being imprisoned or detained for illicit Internet use.The government also has tightened controls over cybercafés.\\ The government has allowed the Internet since 1997 but keeps a tight control of it.

It has said will regularly inspect Internet cafes, service providers and content providers in Ho Chi Minh City for pornographic and anti-government material In 2006, Vietnam was named by Reporters Without Borders as one of 13 worst countries for online censorship.Media freedom campaigners Reporters Without Borders calls the country "an enemy of the internet".[Source: Reuters, November 27, 2013] “Bloggers have been imprisoned for up to 12 years.The Internet has emerged as a vital outlet and organizing tool for dissidents in recent years, and there has been a surge of blogs and Facebook pages highlighting criticism of the government.The Vietnamese government can control what is written in newspapers and shown on television but it can’t control the Internet and dissidents have turned to the Internet to disseminate their views.And despite the urgings of leading activists like Dr.