What is cross dating

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1.3 What governs the rate of tree growth at high altitudes? Coring Trees Now let's learn how to obtain tree cores samples from a tree.

To see the process of cross-dating in action, watch historical footage of A. The ring pattern that forms over the entire life of the tree reveals the climatic conditions in which the tree grew.

One such tree is the bristlecone pine, which grows in Utah, Nevada and eastern California.

The oldest known specimen is named Methuselah and is a 4,765 years old!

1.6 What instruments did you see in your tour of the Lamont Tree-Ring Lab?

1.7 What kind of specimens did you see in the core room?

Zoom in to both the main work area and the core room so you can see what's on the tables and walls.

Tree-Ring Laboratory Tree-Ring Laboratory Core Room 1.4 Why is one part of each tree ring light in color and the other part dark in color? Davi consider in choosing a good tree to core at her location in the woods?

These cores have been placed in wooden core mounts and finely sanded so that cell detail is visible under a microscope. The wide rings indicate good growing conditions (warmer summers in this case).

Tree-ring patterns are then studied with a number of different scientific instruments.

Cores taken from a tree need to be mounted in a special wooden holder, or core mount, and then finely sanded to bring out the ring pattern clearly.

Tree cores taken from white spruce trees in Alaska.

The buttons below will take you to the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory's Tree-Ring Lab in Palisades, New York.

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