When do cameron and chase start dating

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It was a good collab, but it was business." So no romance here, folks.

That day of the video, we had never met before, I had been speaking to his manages and stuff to plan the video, but we had never talked about anything," she shared in the video.

"I don't like to do collabs this way, so I get there and then literally 10 minutes later, we sit down and start filming his video.

That's probably why I was so nervous and awkward in it because I typically only film collabs with friends or usually we brainstorm about it first, so it was a little bit of a weird situation." The two didn't even know each other before that day they met and filmed the videos!

From dinners, to hanging out at parties and concerts together, appearing on each other's Instagram stories and fans even ran into the pair together, naturally everyone was shipping them.

While neither Cam or Hailey has ever directly commented on the status of their friendship, it seems like maybe something more was going on but it has since fizzled out since the blonde beauty was seen holding hands with another guy.

So no, they never dated and Cloe went on to say that ever since they, she's received some not so nice message from fans, which she hopes will stop now that she's shared her side and put the truth out there.

"Nothing happened between us, we never dated and I would really appreciate it if all the Cameron Dallas fans would stop posting angry pictures of me," Chloe said.Here we go: He has spoken about this before, but he made it clear once and for all that he's only ever had one girlfriend."I've had one official girlfriend, that was my junior year.In another You Tube video, Cameron once revealed the most romantic thing he's ever done for a girl and while he didn't say who, we're going to go ahead and guess it was Jasmine. "Before I went [to her house] I got in my car and I drove and right before I made a left outside of my community, there were a bunch of roses and I thought I might as well do something cute, right? Besides Jasmine, Cameron hasn't publicly had any other girlfriends, but there have been plenty of stunning beauties he has been linked to along the way. While Cameron didn't reveal the mystery girl in the photos' identity, it's been speculated that it's Rachel Bentley, who Cameron was spotted out and about holding hands, looking rather coupley with.So I legit spent like ten minutes looking for the perfect rose, got the rose, drove to her house, gave her the rose. But before we get into all that, we do need to bring up that time in 2015 when Cam had everyone thinking he was happily in love. But when he posted these pics, it happened to be April Fools' Day and he admitted it was all a prank. Rumors started swirling that something was going on between Sofia and Cameron after they really hit it off at Milan Fashion Week in 2016 and Cam was seen on Sof's Snapchat story hanging out at her house with all their friends quite a few times.Her name was Jasmine Gonzalez, went to Chino High School. The reason we broke up, we just kind of realized we were better off as friends," he explained.