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I landed in Phuket on a very cloudy day, evidently it was the rainy season. It rained everyday I was there, except one day, but now that I think about it I think that one sunny day turned out to be a rainy one later in the day. For starters the resort I was staying at was a fucking journey away from everything else, and when I say everything else I mean Patong Beach.

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Now I don't care if you're the Pope, when you have the finest women in all of Thailand sucking your dick and and another Thai woman shoving boobs in your face there is no way you're going to turn down this offer.In my bungalow the shower had almost no water pressure, it just drizzled out, and the shower's two settings were cold and steaming fucking hot.The shower's hot water was extremely hot you literally could have cooked dinner with it.In fact I would change hotels the next morning solely because of this shower problem.I was taking shots at one bar when one scruffy looking middle aged white guy approached me and asked me if I were American.So I end up having a threesome, it wasn't even a good threesome, they kept making me change condoms every time I switched partners, I guess each girl was weary and suspicious of what virus or bacterial infection the other girl might be carrying. I didn't want to come here, I didn't even know where in the city I was, I didn't want to have sex with these girls, let alone pay money for it, I just wanted to get high.

I didn't tip the girls and I just kind of took off and checked out of the hotel.

They tell me they're taking me to their apartment to go smoke, but somehow we end up at a short time hotel, and although I question what we're really about to do, I am pretty drunk so I just go along for the ride.

The moment we enter the room the girls are undressing me and the next thing I know they're giving me a blowjob, alternating while the other rams her tongue down my throat and shoves her tits in my face.

The thought crossed my mind that I hadn't smoked pot in a very long time so I thought that would be a good way to kick off my vacation.

I asked the girls "do you guys smoke pot" I asked them this while motioning my hands in the same fashion if you were smoking a joint."Yes we smoke! Some of you might have figured out where this is going.

She was always expressing to me her gratitude because she had these feelings all bottled up inside of her in I was the first person she could be honest with.

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