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The first episode of the second series screened last Sunday to 9.3million viewers.

And after having somebody pretending to be her online, Amy has decided to become an official member of the ‘Twittersphere’.

So farewell then, Downton Abbey maid Ethel Parks, who was sacked after having the bad luck to get caught sleeping with an Army major in series two, getting up the duff as a result of said cad, and spent most of series three plying her trade as a woman of the streets and crying in the rain.

This culminated with her young son being shipped off to his grandparents, since after all, a mother who does whatever it takes to stay solvent in the face of professional and personal crisis is no kind of a role model, now is she?

Decent estimates put the number of sex workers in Britain at about 80,000 (this includes men as well as women).

With a high annual turnover in the industry, the number of ex-sex workers in this country numbers in the high hundreds of thousands, probably over a million.

And let’s not forget loads of people in the Bible, including Jephthah and Boaz.

There probably won't be enough series of Downton Abbey to discover what becomes of Ethel's son Charlie, but I'm plumping for epoch-defining musician or Army general-turned-politician. The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

And while many consider it unethical, is that really a good reason to tear apart a family?

We dislike bankers; no one would seriously suggest they should be denied a family life because of it.

All good.”For now, Amy is enjoying getting her teeth into jobs before the camera, but it was her work in theatre productions such as Phantom Of The Opera and My Fair Lady that helped her become so disciplined.

Her mum Elaine Nuttall admits that Amy made huge sacrifices for her performing from a very young age.

Being able to raise a family and juggle financial needs with time spent parenting is a huge factor in why people enter prostitution, as this recent campaign in Ireland emphasised.

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