Who is avan from victorious dating

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Who is avan from victorious dating

When Trina comes down with an allergic reaction to a Chinese herb before a big showcase at school, Tori is volunteered by Andre to take her place since she knew the piece meant to be played.

He can play many instruments, including the guitar, keyboard, piano, and the French horn, but prefers the keyboard and piano.For unexplained reasons in later episodes, Tori is shown to wear glasses when at home.Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III) is Tori's best friend.Robbie personifies Rex, which leads to many an argument about Rex's true sentience.He constantly argues that Rex isn't a puppet or dummy when told otherwise.It is revealed in "Wok Star" Robbie is Jewish because he spent his Bar Mitzvah money on leather pants and male make-up.

He is also mistaken for a girl in a couple episodes like in "Locked Up" he is put on the wrong side of the fence in jail splitting the girls side from the boys side.From there onward, the show details Tori's journey as she gets into wacky situations, and has differences and adventures with her friends, as she finds herself along the way. She is depicted as creative, nice, caring, forgiving, responsible, positive, easy-going, and friendly, though she can be sneaky and vindictive, going as low as to manipulate her friends and family (especially Trina), but will always do the right thing in the end.Tori is shown to care for her friends and family a lot and is willing to help them no matter what, even when she is hesitant to.He is also shown to be the only one who knows Cat's full name, Caterina. His only relative who has ever been seen is his grandmother.It is revealed that Robbie is intolerant to gluten, otherwise known as Celiac Disease, and also that he is a Vegan, although this was a reference to the word virgin, as used in "The Breakfast Bunch".This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious.

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