Who is ben barnes dating

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Ben Barnes has a magnetic personality, are unconventional, and a bit unpredictable.

Here the Brit born star talks flying high with Amanda Seyfried, what he wears in bed and being raised by a relationship therapist.In love relationships, Ben Barnes wants an intellectual peer, an equal and a friend.He is attracted to people who have a certain finesse, delicacy and subtlety.Ben Barnes becomes very cross if he lacks vigorous physical activity.Barnes feels his best if he frequently "does battle" on the tennis or racquetball court (or engages in another form of competitive sport).These could be endearing eccentricities, or truly outlandish tastes and behavior.

Establishing a steady routine and rhythm in his life and relationships would be very beneficial but may not be easily achieved.

Ben Barnes loves to daydream and to live in his own world of fantasies.

But he is receptive and has a sympathetic understanding of others.

Ben: When I was young I used to get bullied at school and my Dad used to say ‘success is the best revenge’.

I found a t-shirt a few years ago that said ‘success is the best revenge’ on it and I got quite emotional in the shop.

LOOK: Your Ben: Well, I was in San Diego and I got a call saying ‘do you want to get on a plane with Amanda? It was cool because there was a free bar and no one else on the plane. LOOK: You’re from south London but live in LA, do you get food shipped over from England?

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