Who is chad rogers dating 2016

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She saved me emotionally, and I am forever indebted to her for that.

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I feel strongly that my grandmother sent Starla to me from up above to be an angel in my life. I have been training at the gym with a private trainer four days a week over the last two and a half years. I just discovered recently that I am very passionate about writing poetry.

My true happiness comes from enriching my soul by living a clean, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

If you had all the time and money to devote to animals, how many would you have and where would you want to live?

We found Starla online and it was love at first sight. Chad Rogers' Instagram" / Finding Starla was nothing less than destiny. The name was so perfect for her because we were both constantly in front of the cameras at that time, and she is such a little star! Through Starla, I have learned that love is unselfish and unconditional.

We called the person who had Starla and she just so happened to be driving through L. The stars are always perfectly aligned when Starla is by my side. That was my confirmation that I clearly hit the jackpot — 777. I have nicknames for her like Starlie, Lovie, and S. Starla has nurtured me through some of the most difficult experiences and hardships of my life.

I don’t want to put Starla’s life at risk by going under anesthesia and having a complication, being that she is so small.

I would highly recommend looking into anesthesia-free dental cleaning for your dog.

I find that poetry is a great way to express who I am in a very relatable, creative way.

I post my poetry on my social networking sites and have received some very nice tweets and Facebook messages from followers who are enjoying my poems.

It doesn’t matter how hard my day is, when I look at her eyes, smiling, and wagging her little tail, everything else fades away, and it’s all about her. She takes after me, being that she is a leader not a follower. She knows exactly what she wants and makes sure to tell me when she wants it!

Are there any traits common to small dogs like Starla? On hot spring and summer days we sit on my terrace together and chillax.

I would buy a working ranch on many acres along the Southern California coast. Every animal has a soul, which makes them very unique and special.