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June 28, 1919 - The League of Nations is created by the Treaty of Versailles.The International Labour Organization (ILO) is also established in 1919 as an agency of the League of Nations.

| Click here for more information about the Peace Palace. | Click here for Wikipedia article on the UN Art Collection. 1820 - Temple de l'amite et de la paix / Temple of Friendship & Peace, United Nations, Geneva (Switzerland).The Palace also features a number of statues, busts & portraits of prominent peace campaigners from around the world and of all eras, including: -- Andrew Carnegie (see image), -- William Randal Cremer, -- Rui Barbosa [1849-1923], -- Nelson Mandela, -- Mahatma Gandhi, -- Bernard Loder [1849-1935], -- Jean Monnet, -- Jawaharlal Nehru.August 28, 1913 - Peace Palace Gardens, The Hague (Netherlands). "Considered among the most successful designs of the English landscape architect Thomas Hayton Mawson [1861-1933].Clair Avenue W at Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario (Canada). 1936 - Murals, Council Chamber, Palais des Nations, Geneva (Switzerland). Painted by the Catalan artist Jos Mara Sert & a gift from the Government of Spain.Inscribed: "[Replica of] the fountain at [the Peace] Palace, The Hague. Depict human grogress through health, technology, freedom & peace all united by five colossal Dantesque figures (representing the worlds five continents) grasping each others hands in apocalyptical triumph at the dome of the ceiling." Right image shows the Assembly Hall. Presented by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in memory of the founder of the League of Nations.August 28, 1913 - Vredespaleis / Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, The Hague (Netherlands).

Constructed just before World War I by the Carnegie Foundation -- and still owned by the Carnegie Foundation.Mawson cleverly used a natural watercourse through the terrain, the famous Haagse Beek [Hague Creek], for the ponds.This brook rises in the nearby dunes & still flows along a watercourse under- neath the ponds to a large pond in the centre of The Hague, the Vijverberg." Include World Peace Flame (qv) since April 18, 2002.October 29-November, 1919 - First annual conference (referred to as the International Labour Conference, or ILC) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) at the Pan-American Union, 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC (USA).Adopted the first six International Labour Conventions, which dealt with hours of work in industry, unemployment, maternity protection, night work for women, minimum age & night work for young persons in industry.1925 - Le Puddleur, at an entrance to the International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva (Switzerland).

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