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Though he still drifts in and out of lucidity, Vandross was on his game enough recently when Labelle visited to correct her when she flubbed the lyrics to a song they were singing together."Not only did he correct her on the lyrics, but he corrects people on what notes they're singing," said Szadek, who is also working on getting a keyboard for Vandross so that he can play along while he sings.

"He is sharing his gift with friends and family." In addition to singing along to instrumental tracks of his favorite songs, such as "So Amazing" and "Here and Now," Vandross has been harmonizing with friends Patti La Belle and Aretha Franklin, who've both come to visit and duet with the singer in his room.

"Every day he's a little bit stronger," assistant Max Szadek said.

"From the beginning, he's been much more responsive to anything that has to do with music.

In each case, the films maintained their Wednesday opening numbers without a substantial fall-off the next day.

So far, "War of the Worlds" is the exception to the rule, although it's still hard to say what the Fourth of July weekend will bring.

Of course, "War of the Worlds" is now also called "War of the Words" by some.

Yesterday, actress and Princeton graduate Brooke Shields took on "War" star Tom Cruise, who is without a degree in higher education, in an op-ed piece in the New York Times.

"Singing is a part of his essence and so doing it daily is a big part of who he is." Vandross is undergoing up to five hours of intensive physical and occupational therapy every day, including work intended to help him re-learn everyday tasks such as getting in and out of a car.

Along with singing, Szadek said part of Vandross' therapy includes two of his other favorite pastimes, playing blackjack and video games.

Friday night's numbers aren't in yet, but Paramount Pictures claimed an unusual record this week: The movie had the seventh-biggest opening for a Wednesday. What could be making Paramount execs nervous is a chart offered by the Web site

It compares "War of the Worlds" to similar recent movies, including "Independence Day," "Signs" and both "Men in Black" films.

The tube was inserted in a manner that avoided damage to his vocal cords; it was removed in June.

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