Who is patrick swayze wife dating

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Joan Leighton, who runs the private fan-based chat room called “Perfectly Patrick,” posted a possible explanation as to why Swayze refused to divorce Niemi during a discussion about her infidelities. that would hurt maybe someone plus hurt the Swayze family,” Joan wrote in an April 27, 2016 post.“Patsy said to me that she made Patrick promise he’d never divorce Lisa until she [Patsy] was dead… A longtime die-hard fan, Leighton admitted to Radar that she wrote the post but claimed she was just reacting to what was being post by others on the site.

It comes as the unnamed friend told Radar Online, after what they claimed to be a a year-long investigation: 'She (Niemi) would beat on him and he would beat on the walls and furniture.They fought and I covered up a lot of that — they destroyed hotel rooms, cars, their house ….It was abusive.” When asked if Niemi would hit Swayze during his 21-month cancer fight, the friend told Radar: “Oh yeah, it didn’t matter.The friend who spent years with Swayze and another family insider said Niemi was an “evil” moody control freak who was in charge of every aspect of the actor’s life, his money, movie roles even how much he could spend at the store.“He had another friend before me and Lisa had a falling out with him — so she pretty much forbade [Patrick] from ever seeing the friend again,” the pal said.It was abusive.'When asked if Niemi would hit Swayze during his 21-month cancer fight, the friend supposedly added: 'Oh yeah, it didn't matter.

She wouldn't hit him with stuff — she would claw at his arms and neck.

In his tragic last days, wasting away from savage pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze was imprisoned in a house of horrors – deserted by his cheating, abusive wife, who left the dying star to wallow in his own filth!

That’s the shocking charge by one of the “Dirty Dancing” icon’s closest friends, who rips the lid off what was believed to be a Hollywood fairy-tale marriage that lasted 34 years, ending when Patrick, 57, died of cancer on Sept 14, 2009.

“He loved her with all his heart but it was a serious love-hate relationship,” the longtime friend told Radar.

“She would beat on him and he would beat on the walls and furniture.

The widow and once professional dance partner of actor Patrick Swayze – who died of pancreatic cancer in 2009 - began dating the handsome businessman two years ago after being introduced by mutual friends.

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