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and Creator and Executive Producer of the Foundation’s Trumpet Awards.The televised event, which highlights African American accomplishments and contributions, began in 1993, and is now distributed internationally to over 185 countries around the world. Jakes’ 2012 conference, the divorced mother introduced her biological son Bradley to thousands of women at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA.

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Thy type of skin colour, nose, hair, eyes, legs and even IQ and others are beyond the best of us.Throughout the week he/she holds positions in most (if not all) councils or boards that the church offers and it is his/her responsibilty to make as many as possible to ensure everything is running smoothly.There is outreach that needs to be done, and that can look like a hundred different things but most common is visitation of the sick, elderly, or incarcerated, and the means spending a good amount of time with each individual.I have learned to listen to the voice of THE LORD, he convicts me, not those church folks!Pastor Paula White is a very beautiful woman but this is too much in my opinion.White, who showed up at the star-studded affair solo, is the ex-wife of Pastor Randy White, with whom she co-founded Without Walls International Church in Tampa. She shared his inspiring testimony of how young Bradley went from being a victim of sexual abuse by another man, addicted to drugs, and a self-proclaimed atheist, to a powerful preacher and intercessor.

White, who has candidly shared her own struggle with prescription drug abuse, eating disorders, and depression, made constant headlines in late 2011 and early 2012 for her controversial takeover of I think she looks beautiful!

Back in the church proper, when he/she isn't chairing a comittee, working on a sermon, preaching/teaching, he/she is busy with counciling. He/She also will be involved in, if not directly leading marriage counciling.

Numerous issues come past a pastor's desk and congregates will bring a wide range of issues before a pastor to handle, be in marriage issues, personal problems, spiritual questions, etc. That brings me into the next aspect of being a pastor, "the marrying them and burying them" aspect.

He/She may not have gone to bed yet, and in some cases it'll be Saturday night/Sunday morning and 2-3 sermons in the morning.

It is in those moments that they relay entirely on God to pull them through.

Hours of preparation and prayer go into even the simplest sermon, even a "recycled" sermon-one that the pastor has done years ago but still has the outline, takes considerable work to revise and prepare with.