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It seems that when it comes to movies and 'gun-fu', Keanu Reeves can do no wrong.He mastered it in The Matrix and now he's back brandishing more fire arms than an army in John Wick.

Director Stephen Norrington creates some superb set pieces - the shower of blood club scene near the beginning of the movie is fantastic - but it's Snipes who keeps the wheels on this blood-drenched flick.

It's not quite the masterpiece Scorsese was seeking, given he's been mulling the story for decades but it's a worthy, if meandering watch.

Back when Marvel was stumbling its movies and DC were winning with the Batman franchise, Blade appeared and proved that there was worth in comic-book movies.

While the original Zack Snyder film didn’t exactly lend itself to a sequel - it was about a war that was wrapped up in the movie - Rise of an Empire takes on another different battle that’s style over substance but will still keep you entertained.

New director Noam Murro cut his teeth on commercials but his move to the big screen is actually a half decent one.

What is surprising, though, is just how nuanced the film is.

Given it’s about disposing of bombs, the tension is in the quiet moments, rather that when the explosions start.Starring Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver as two monks who go on a journey to find a place where Christians are put to extremes to prove their love for god.It's a trying movie and one that takes the utmost concentration.Yes it's a children's film but there's so many brilliant funny moments that adults will also revel in the magic of The Princess Bride. Alicia Vikander (a swede playing a German) shows off her funny side, while Elizabeth Debicki (a french woman playing someone who is not French) is great as the villain of the piece.It's a tad overlong and convoluted but a great, underrated watch. Her portrayal of Jackie Kennedy, days after the assassination of her husband and president of the United States John F Kennedy, is a masterclass of acting.The premise to the movie is ridiculous: a retired hitman gets back in the game when someone kills his dog.

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