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A yardstick used to determine locations with high potential wind energy production is referred to as Wind Power Density (WPD).

Then when the energy is needed again, the compressed air generates electricity by blowing through a turbine.Patricia Monahan, believes "It's going to be a big price tag" to switch to CNG vehicles.Monahan considers CNG an excellent fuel for running small fleets of vehicles which log heavy mileage per vehicle, such as buses and garbage trucks.The reaction can be reversed, which allows the battery to be charged, discharged and recharged.Pickens' Plan proposes that the natural gas that is currently used to fuel power plants be used instead as a fuel for class 7 and 8 semis.The Pickens Plan is an energy policy proposal announced July 8, 2008 by American businessman T. Pickens wants to reduce American dependence on imported oil by investing approximately $US1 trillion in new wind turbine farms for power generation, which he believes would allow the natural gas currently used for power generation to be shifted to fuel CNG trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Pickens stated that his plan could reduce by 0 billion (43%) the amount the country spends annually on foreign oil.According to peak theory, the rate of production enters a terminal decline after the peak.Peak gas has already been confirmed by Exxon's CEO Lee Raymond.Instead, the IER advocates "less government for more abundant and affordable energy." Pickens testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee and said the government should begin building transmission lines for wind-generated power in the same way that President Eisenhower did by declaring an emergency to build the interstate highway system in the 1950s and 1960s.As an alternative, Pickens proposed that the government should provide the right of way on private land and extend tax credits so the private sector can build the lines.Ken Medlock, a research fellow at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, says that the US will continue to use natural gas for electric power generation.

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