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Maybe you’re doing such a good job that you decide to go ahead and try convincing yourself, too, yeah?

I call these shallow fantasies not in judgment of the fantasy’s content, but because, although they are interesting (and somewhat telling), they are not defining. They are fairly close to the surface of a person’s subconscious; they amuse us or motivate us at some small level, and usually, they evaporate into thin air and new shallow fantasies emerge. And then there are deep fantasies, which do define us. They speak to our inner truths, and if they’re at odds with our current circumstances, they’re incredibly painful.I have a feeling your man knows you don’t ache for him already. He deserves someone who aches for him with excitement and passion; he needs to know that kind of desire, too.You’re afraid of giving up the good aspects of your relationship together, but ultimately they’re not bringing you joy. Dean and Alissa will respond with stories from their lives and the lives of others, and then deliver a verdict: Should the letter-writer end it now, or not so much, and why? In each installment, Alissa Nutting and Dean Bakopoulos will address a question from a reader who is thinking about quitting something: a relationship, a job, a habit, a project.You mention that moving alone to a new place would be “terrifying” to you—definitely an understandable feeling—but one that might be worth noting, since you’ve held on to this unfulfilling relationship for a while.

Sometimes relationships—even ones that aren’t working—are a welcome distraction against looking inward and the feelings we have when we’re alone.The deep fantasy is what we really, really want: the thing we want so bad we understand that voicing it, and going after it, will explode everything we know.When people are considering life changes based on a fantasy, it’s helpful to spend some time thinking: Is this a shallow fantasy or a deep fantasy? Sometimes, when our workshop students are trying to figure out what a character wants, we will look at the language a writer instinctively used in a draft and find some clues.If you’re someone who’s good at pretending, deep fantasies can be especially bothersome.Maybe you’re going about your life, faking contentment, convincing everyone around you that you’re being authentic.Taking some time to yourself and getting comfortable outside of a relationship might be valuable, and can help you avoid the temptation to “make do” with someone who’s “good” but not what you’re looking for, no matter the gender of the person you’re dating.

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