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in Perth on July 3, before heading to Adelaide then Melbourne on July 16, Sydney's Qudos Bank Arena on August 3 for four shows then Queensland on August 14. My single comes out today "what About Us" and my new album "Beautiful Trauma" comes out October 13th. It's been a while, and I'm grateful for all the years we've had. "I could not be more excited right now," the 37-year-old pop star wrote alongside the album artwork.

He tried to milk her for money and fame but that shit didn't work. When they dated: They got married in like 2004 and divorced in 2007. ) one night in 2007 and ended up on the cover of Us Weekly. Why he's significant: He was there when Britney was going through some hard shit and it's hard for me to believe he was good for her. She also made him lose mad weight and get fucking ripped.

He's willing to fight for what he wants, i.e., sabotaging Andie's relationship with Blane. I give full credit to Spader, who fleshed out what could have been a one-dimensional baddie by making him really interested in Andie in his own sociopathic way, instead giving lip-service to a script that could have been played with the character being vicious solely out of hurt pride and snobbery.

The songstress, who performed “Pink Sunglasses” at the awards show and was nominated for two awards, opted for a black minidress with a sexy cutout midection. In April, Lambert gushed about East on Instagram after he supported her at the Academy of Country Music Awards, where she scored her record-breaking eighth consecutive Female Vocalist of the Year Award trophy.

Speaking on KIIS FM's , the singer told the hosts that she will return in 2018.

Teenager Andie is one of the not-so-popular girls in high school. He's fearless: Duckie's afraid to tell Andie he loves her, Blane's afraid of his friends, but Steff walks up and hits on her right in front of his friends without caring what they'll think.

Some claim that Pink has changed the scope of pop music and paved the way for artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga but has received little recognition for it.

She is a prominent animal-rights campaigner for PETA.She usually hangs out with her friends Iona or Duckie. He exploits Blane's shame about Andie but clearly feels no shame himself.2.Duckie has always had a crush on her, but now she has met a new guy at school, Blane. Duckie's suffering puppy love, Blane's just curious, but Steff has been after Andie for years.Despite a record deal and plenty of studio time, the band never could find traction.Basic Instinct disbanded just two years after it was assembled."I was never allowed to go over to any of my friends' houses when I was little, because I was a bad influence," she said of her early life.