Windows live photo gallery beta not updating

29-Oct-2016 07:18 by 10 Comments

Windows live photo gallery beta not updating - marsvenusdating com

The problem is though, is that the tags data will be lost for pictures and videos that cannot embed tags.These include Bitmaps, PNGs, Div X Videos, MPEG Videos, etc.

Instead, see Photo Gallery in Windows Essentials 2012.

It's odd though that you have deleted pictures from explorer, but they don't go away in PG.

The second solution requires you to force a refresh of the entire Photo Gallery database.

To locate the Thumbnail cache you need to enable "View Hidden Files" in your folder options. does anyone know how to delete pictures from the windows photo gallery that i have already deleted?

In Vista the thumbnails 'thumbcache' are stored at C:\Users\Owner\App Data\Local\ Microsoft \Windows\Explorer System Manufacturer/Model Number Scratch Built OS Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit Beta, Vista Ultimate x86 CPU Intel Quad Core 6600 Motherboard Asus P5B Memory 4096 MB Xtreme-Dark 800mhz Graphics Card Zotac Amp Edition 8800GT - 512MB DDR3, O/C 700mhz Monitor(s) Displays Samsung 206BW Screen Resolution 1680 X 1024 Keyboard Microsoft Mouse Targus PSU 550 w Case Thermaltake Cooling 3 x octua NF-S12-1200 - 120mm 1200RPM Sound Optimised Fans Hard Drives 4 X Samsung 500GB 7200rpm Serial ATA-II HDD w. you cant open the images, but you can still see them in like a thumbnail size.

Now these apps have been unbundled from Windows, ideally so they can be updated more frequently than Windows itself is.

The latest version isn’t fully ready for prime-time yet, but if you’d like to get started with them, you can download the new Beta today and try out the new tools for yourself. If you’re using Live Mesh beta, you’ll get the following screen advising that Live Mesh will be uninstalled and Live Sync is taking its place.

There are two solutions, both of which require a bit of time, depending on how many photos you have in the library. Before you go to bed, open Photo Gallery, and then leave the computer on and idle overnight.

That way, Photo Gallery should have enough time to update.

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