Wpf datatrigger not updating

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For those situations where you need more control of the process, this property will definitely help though.

The most common trigger is the property trigger, which in markup is simply defined with a element.

In the previous article we saw how changes in a Text Box was not immediately sent back to the source.

Instead, the source was updated only after focus was lost on the Text Box.

The Update Source Trigger property of a binding controls how and when a changed value is sent back to the source.

However, since WPF is pretty good at controlling this for you, the default value should suffice for most cases, where you will get the best mix of a constantly updated UI and good performance.

It watches a specific property on the owner control and when that property has a value that matches the specified value, properties can change.

In theory this might sound a bit complicated, but it's actually quite simple once we turn theory into an example: In this style, we set the Foreground property to blue, to make it look like a hyperlink.

The third and last Text Box uses the Property Changed value, which means that the source value will be updated each time the bound property changes, which it does in this case as soon as the text changes.

Try running the example on your own machine and see how the three textboxes act completely different: The first value doesn't update before you click the button, the second value isn't updated until you leave the Text Box, while the third value updates automatically on each keystroke, text change etc.

We then supply a default style, where the text is "No" and the foreground color is red, and then, using a Data Trigger, we supply a style for when the Is Checked property of the Check Box is changed to True, in which case we make it green with a text saying "Yes! element, are mostly used to trigger an animation, in response to an event being called.

We haven't discussed animations yet, but to demonstrate how an event trigger works, we'll use them anyway.

For that reason, I have added a button next to the Text Box, which will update the source value on demand.