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Sign up to Russian Cupid today and create your own personal ad - your Russian romance is just a click away.

The dating scam package is assembled for and marketed to Russian-speaking hackers, with hundreds of email templates written in English and a variety of European languages.

These mind-blowing photos, supposedly from Russian dating sites, have been gaining popularity on Reddit. Between the ridiculous props (is that guy pointing a gun at his own reflection?

), the gratuitous rugs (hey, it gets cold in Russia!

Its definitely more fun than just using a marriage agency to set you up with someone.

Here are some reasons why you should create a personal ad on Russian Cupid - Others have successfully done it, so can you.

The vendor of the fraud package advertises a guaranteed response rate of at least 1.2 percent, and states that customers who average 30 scam letters per day can expect to earn roughly ,000 a week.

The proprietor also claims that his method is more than 20% effective within three replies and over 60% effective after eight.“Working with dozens of possible outcomes, they carefully lay out every possible response, including dealing with broke guys who fell in love online,” said Alex Holden, the security expert who intercepted the romance scam package.“If the mark doesn’t have money, the package contains advice for getting him credit, telling the customer to restate his love and discuss credit options.” Interestingly, although Russia is considered by many to be among the most hostile countries toward homosexuals, the makers of this dating scam package also include advice and templates for targeting gay men.“What we tend to see with these dating scams is the scammer will tell the call center operator to be sure to mention special nicknames and to remind him of specific things they talked about in their email correspondence.” This entry was posted on Monday, January 4th, 2016 at am and is filed under Other.You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. The call center pictured above charges per call, payable only in Bitcoin.

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    I could see parts of tattoos in places that suggested that she had less concerns about her honor. If you are writing to a woman with ID 173xxxx, then she has been on the site since 2012 or about 5 years. When I actually see the girl I realize that this is a genuine woman looking for a man.

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