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At Christmas, Ireland is at its most beautiful and romantic, and Dublin becomes a place broken by the sky.

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The bad sides of home like small arguments, terrible public transport, awful queues in the shopping market, etc.You don’t have to do anything, no work, no rent, no general paperwork. And then it starts, and you’re sucked into the chaos like a provincial cow in a hurricane.Instead, you can lie on your parents’ couch, watch TV, and have a nice home-cooked meal you didn’t cook yourself. But you bring back presents anyway and get extra points. The thing about Christmas is, while everyone is off work, they all have things to do.While on a regular trip, you have the time to get bored and think of what you’d be doing back in your country of residence, at Christmas you don’t have that time.Everything seems to happen at super speed and things blend into one another. Mary and Joseph – now they had a stable relationship.

How did Mary and Joseph know that Jesus was 7lb 6oz when he was born? It’s probably why most people go home then, rather than Easter.After 72 per cent of the country said they thought Christmas cracker jokes were outdated a group of comedians came up some alternative gags. I long for Ireland, where Christmas presents are brought, more logically, by a fat, bearded man coming down a chimney rather than an infant Jesus busting through the window like a thief in the night.Ireland, where the heavy commercialism of British and American television means that Christmas only begins when the goes off like the 4th of July when this happens.On Christmas Eve, Bono busks on Grafton Street for charity, followed by countless gifted amateur musicians, who are either on their break from school, or are old and only play or sing at family parties after a few drinks and the constant pestering of relatives. There is no place on earth like Ireland at Christmas.

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