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You'll be able to avoid the "Idk, where do you want to eat? If she spends a lot of time downtown she probably knows at least a dozen amazing restaurants you have never heard of. The city actually peer-pressures you to go out and have fun. It's hard to stay in and go to sleep when the city isn't sleeping.

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I mean, it depends what you consider a short walk but location-wise, you can't do much better. She knows what classes are running at the same time it's playing. Just say the correct course code and you're in brotha.School isn't all fun and games when your future is always staring you right in the face.As they say, if you'd rather land a corporate internship than read a textbook under a tree—then Ryerson is your go-to.Not that you can use us as a hotel, but if you are lucky enough to get the invite it's a pretty good deal.Half the reason I chose to study at Ryerson was so I could live in the centre of downtown Toronto—and almost every Ryerson student will tell you the same thing.Living and being in the city in general is a lot of fun!

There's always And if she lives near the Ryerson campus she's a short walk away from EVERYTHING.

What challenges you most about winning over your potential customers?

It has to do with why I deliberately wrote things to piss people off And drive women away. In the meantime, consider how you can use this mental process for yourself. Next, write down the business relationship you want to create, with your customers.

You could be talking to a dancer or a criminologist; a nurse or an entrepreneur with her own startup.

Ryerson is known for its hands-on approach to a wide variety of programs ranging from the arts, to community services and everything in between.

The opportunities to start a career are endless in Toronto.