Youtube video count not updating

12-Oct-2016 23:57 by 6 Comments

Youtube video count not updating - romantic gestures first dating

In every case, these views are created by a means other than a human watching the video and finding enjoyment of value in its content.

Fittingly, it is much easier and more effective to use You Tube’s own embed code.It might mean setting up a script to refresh the page every five or ten seconds, adding views to the video count.It might mean using a third party program to remotely view the video dozens of times through remote proxies, disguising the robotic traffic as legitimate views from around the world.These networks place advertisements on the video that play before the video itself plays.These ad views pay the affiliate network and the video owner a small amount of money per view, and this is often measured in thousands of views.A video under 300 views is unlikely to make much money, and so is left mostly alone.

Once a video hits that magical 300 mark, however, You Tube triggers a playback review.This is the driving force behind many of the other peculiarities in view counts as well.The second reason is simply due to limitations in the hardware and software that runs You Tube.People trust videos with high numbers of views to be valuable or entertaining.It’s this trust that You Tube fosters with the view count audit and the freeze at 301 .That’s not to say your videos are meaningless; You Tube cares that they exist and cares about their content.