Zelda dating sim game

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Zelda dating sim game - dating mike garson

""But inside and on top of that there’s a bunch of different facets of gameplay, and I think all of those are drawn on in individual games as well," Brice continues.As it currently stands, the game's combat will draw from 2D Zelda games.

Brawl Wind Waker Title Theme - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Runaway Five's Final Performance - Earthbound Onett's Arcade - Earthbound The End of Pit (Game Over) - Kid Icarus Game Over - Super Mario Bros.

This is still very early on in development—founder and director Finn Brice says a formal announcement is "maybe quite a way off", and suggests that it's around a three-to-four year project in total.

Chucklefish is happy to talk about the game now because its developers like being transparent about their creative process, in what's often a bizarrely secretive industry.

Oh, and as for my Street Fighter reference, thank you Capcom. It's a cute game about shipping Marth or Pit with other characters, that's all it is.

This game (and its music) is brought to you by my friend Niku's fast internet! It has cute visuals and cute options for your lovely character to be shipped with other characters.

"Where other games are inviting you to live out your perfect fantasy in that you can date whoever you want, you can get married to whoever you want and it’s up to you, Spellbound is a little less forgiving.

Dates can go wrong, things can go wrong, it’s more about that school experience.Quick edit: Yes Marth is a boy and this is a gay dating sim.Don't worry there's no sex, it's all puppy love for you manly straight men.Wargroove is referred to as a smaller Chucklefish project, relatively speaking—six or seven people are working on it, with a release date targeted for early next year.Meanwhile, around nine or ten people are already working on Spellbound, and like Wargroove, it's partly inspired by games from old Nintendo consoles."There’s a whole mixture of them," says CEO Finn Brice when I ask about Spellbound's influences.